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A Classic, Beloved Beat 'Em Up Is Getting A Sequel After 25 Years

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Indie group Conatus Creative wants to release an official follow-up to Technōs' classic '89 side-scrolling street thug-beating simulator, River City Ransom. But first, they are turning to—you guessed it—Kickstarter.

As the project page explains, River City Ransom: Underground is just about ready to leave the pre-production phase. This means that the engine is done, and work on the game can begin in earnest—however, the developers need to cover their living expenses, licensing fees, localization, and quality assurance. That's where Kickstarter comes in.


In return for $180,000 CAD, Conatus promises a "love letter" to River City Ransom; a 2.5D open world beat 'em up-RPG which greatly expands on the River City universe, adding more items, locations and characters. There will also be local and online peer-to-peer co-op.


At the moment, the project is 15% funded, with four weeks remaining until the end. If a nostalgic trip to the late eighties sounds fun, give the page a look.

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