Video game developers and reporters are fond of the term "IP." So-and-so revealed a new IP, so-and-so really wants their IPs to penetrate new markets, and which company has the best new IP? The abbreviation stands for "intellectual property." But what if it stood for...something else?

The whole thing started with a joke. A stupid, stupid joke:

It spiraled from there. Hours after I made that crack, game designer Nels Anderson took it upon himself to make a functional Chrome extension called "IP Extender" (of course) that transforms all instances of "IP" into the words "Immense Penis."

He released the finished version today. I've installed it, and everything has gotten so much better:



It makes interviews with video game execs much more entertaining:

Kotaku's own comments section is not immune:


It also works for articles about other kinds of IPs:

And so on, and so on.

So, if you'd like your daily video game news crawl to get just a bit goofier, give the extension a shot. You're welcome. And I'm sorry.