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A Breakdown of The 15 Secrets Hidden In The Newest Smash Bros. Footage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Unannounced characters. New, unexplained items. Possible cameos. Small details you might've missed. The Smash Bros. themed direct we watched earlier this week had a ton of stuff jam-packed into it, much of which you can't catch unless you pick apart some of what we were shown.

After analyzing Greninja, GameXplain is back with a video that discusses the biggest secrets and hidden details you can find in the newest Smash Bros footage, such as:

  • New visual cues—like one which shows up whenever you land a powerful attack, and one where players glow whenever they land a KO
  • Analyzing the wireframe version of characters
  • Is there a new camera angle? Multiple clips showed what seemed to be a new/expanded replay feature with a new camera angle
  • The stages that weren't officially announced—the Balloon Fight one allows you to leave the screen and teleport on the other side, unlike most Smash stages
  • Speculation of how the Find Mii boss will act, based on what's been said about other bosses.
  • What other bosses could appear, like Ridley.
  • Some smaller details about the stages we were shown, like how you can grab items in the ? blocks of a Mario stage, and how the Final Destination version of stages will probably be available outside of the For Glory mode
  • Old characters that have new moves—like how Toon Link can wallrun, and Luigi has a flutter jump
  • What the deal is with the new Blue Shell item, as well as other new items/how those items might work
  • What Pokemon are shown/will make an appearance in the game's Pokeball (as you miss quite a few unless you slow down the footage)
  • How it's possible there will be some sort of Soul Calibur nod, be it stage or character
  • How the items included in the footage make it seem as if both Ice Climbers and Captain Falcon will make a return (YAY)
  • What the deal is with some of the assist trophies
  • How it's possible you can have your damage % floating above your head now
  • How the odd trophy sections make it seem as if there might be more new characters

And more! It's hard not to get excited about some of the stuff discussed in this footage—I don't know what I would do if the new Smash didn't have Captain Falcon in it, and some of the possible teased characters look interesting. Then again, maybe Sakurai is just being a huge troll again.Heh.

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