A Brand-New Final Fantasy XIII Means Exciting New Creatures to Kill

Fears of a new chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII saga bringing another 40-80 hours of battling the same old beasts were put to rest this evening, as art director Isamu Kamikokuryo showed off a series of decidedly different mythical beasts for Lightning Returns, from gigantic dragons to decaying undead.


While I rather enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII-2, I must admit battling the same creatures from the first game over and over again left the whole affair feeling a bit stale. Judging from the concept art released thus far, Lightning Returns won't suffer that same problem.

In fact, that Red Dragon picture up top seems to indicate a much more dynamic battle system than the initial presentation indicated. Removing the Dragon's horns disable the breath weapon? Are we going to be targeting specific body parts? Is Lightning a one-woman monster dissection unit?


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