A Black Widow Of Your Very Own

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Collectible company Hot Toys wasn't going to let an Iron Man 2 license go by without at least one figure based on the film's aesthetic highlight: Scarlett Johansson in a tight, tight jumpsuit.


Sure, they've done one for Iron Man, and one for War Machine too, but those are dude's in robot suits. That's easy. Having to capture the human form, that's a little harder, and while Black Widow's body looks as it should, the face just looks a little...off. I think it's the open mouth. Like it was the world's tiniest, most intricately-detailed Scarlett Johansson blow-up doll.

If you're not put off by a slack-jawed superhero, this will be out towards the end of year, stand around 28cm tall (1/6 scale) and will cost a lot.



Awesome, the detail is incredible. Still not a patch on the real one. I thought she was hot before Ironman 2 anyway so I win!

Actually wait no one wins. Except her husband.