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A Bingo Game For Ridiculous Female Armor

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Problematic female armor—the kind of gear that battle-oriented characters wear that exists more for the viewer's titillation than for protection—is kind of cliche. Really, was only a matter of time before someone came along and made up a bingo card as a means of critiquing this kind of armor.


Check it out—this bingo card is the work of OzzieScribbler. "Use as a reference to quantify how ridiculous a female armor is," Ozzie writes on their deviantART. The rules are written right on the image, if you want to play whenever you see a new scantily clad female character in media.


And there's even a bingo card for some of the arguments that critiquing absurd female armor elicits.

Both are handy, fun resources to have when discussing stereotypical female armor and some of the tired discussions around the subject. Maybe they're not the most fun bingo game out there, but they certainly make a point. All of the squares have reasoning behind them, too—you can find the reasoning for the first PDF here, and the arguments against them here.

UPDATE: The original version of this post included the full-sized bingo cards, but we've shrunk them down at the artist's request. Go check out her site!