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A Bad (or Possibly Good) Case of Mass Effect 3 Decision Angst

Illustration for article titled A Bad (or Possibly Good) Case of emMass Effect 3/em Decision Angst

In today's spoiler-free episode of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Ducce discusses the anxiety that rises while making game-changing decisions in Mass Effect 3. Is this immersion, or is he slowly going insane?


I have for the first time in my gaming life been exposed to pure decision-angst.

I have been playing through (what I guess) about half of Mass Effect 3 now, and since I frequent Kotaku and other gaming sites I have feverously tried to avoid any spoilers of the end. But as you know there have been a lot of spoiler-articles about how this circus ends and all sorts of opinions on said ending. This discussion has had a really bad effect on me, It have made me to start questioning everything I do in the game so much that I no longer enjoy it.


I play the multiplayer even though I do not feel like it, I dread every choice I make in the campaign. I walk through every crevasse and small room of the game itself — not because I want it, but because I am afraid to miss something important or lose someone.

Now, the thing is: I don't know if this is a good or bad thing? Superficially it seems the game makes me feel bad about not "doing my job" but on a deeper level isn't this just how we should feel when we are completely immersed? A game where you feel that something is on the line?

I can't decide – All I know is that tonight I'm taking a break from it.

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Benjamin Three

I've asked this in a previous thread, but it didn't get an answer. So here goes.


I chose to set the Geth free, thinking that they would coexist with the Quarians. They do actually become friendly, and fight by our side because of this. Why, then, do they slaughter the entire Quarian race in a space battle immediately after my decision?

I wouldn't have chose that option if I knew that would happen. It didn't look like the choice was either 'Quarians or Geth', when in fact it was.