A 3D Legend Of Zelda Tribute You Can Play In Your Browser

Or at least while it lasts. A pair going by Scott and Mike are well on their way to creating a playable voxel-based The Legend of Zelda in honor of the game’s 30th anniversary.


Hosted at Zelda30Tribute.com (via Nintendo Life), the fan recreation is built entirely in WebGL, mixing 3D voxels with the music, sound effects and basic ideas that Nintendo tends to protect fiercely. Maybe they’ll make an exception in this case, and the Zelda tribute will live long enough that areas like this no longer exist.

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The browser game can be explored via PC or mobile-based web browser using keyboard or on-screen controls. It’s not complete, but the beating heart pieces are in place.

Keep an eye on the project’s Facebook page for future updates and developments.

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Platypus Man

(Predictably) this looks a lot like 3D Dot Game Heroes.