Yep, there have been enough movies to do something like this. In 2010, Multimedia artist Christian Marclay created "The Clock," a 24-hour long film installation cut together from clips of time passing in movies. This clip, via Boing Boing, was shot HLF Films at an exhibit of the piece. They make this suggestion:

In order to respect the concept of Christian Marclay's work, spectators are kindly requested to play this video at 0.04 pm, local time. If time is passed, please wait for tomorrow or another day same time. Thank you.


That may seem over the top, but bear in mind that this is a very small piece of a massive work, and that the work itself plays in line with local time. It's coming to the SF MOMA on April 6, and I am totally going to go check it out. Though probably not for 24 straight hours.

Everyone doing well? Having a good week? It's already almost Friday. Time flies when you're having fun. Feel free to talk clocks, movies, time, or whatever else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum.

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