"I could pay full price, but if I wanted to see what games I could save money on, where would I go?" "You'd go to the official list of gaming deals on all 15+ platforms by the Commerce Editor." "Do-do-do-do-dooooo!"

Summary: If you already own XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Spec Ops: The Line, pre-order XCOM: Declassified from Gamefly. If you do not already own those games, pre-order XCOM: Declassified from Green Man Gaming. Rationalization follows:


I'm going to assume that the reward levels all get maxed out, because they will. Amazon offers $5 off plus $10 2K credit, so call that $35. Green Man Gaming handily beats that with $5 off plus $12 general credit, making the game $33. Steam has essentially the same bonuses as GMG, but doesn't even come close to matching the base discount. Gamefly is the dark horse here. You'll get $5 off plus $10 general credit + $10 2K credit bringing the game down to $25, but you forfeit the bonuses. You could also get a 30-day Gamefly membership instead of the $10 Gamefly credit. GamersGate and Gamestop have not thrown their hat in the ring.

We don't usually have used games in the Moneysaver, but we'll make an exception for retro titles. eStarland is running a buy 2, get 1 free promotion on all games going all the way back to the NES.

Newegg is giving you a $10 credit if you buy GTAV from them, but I don't recommend it. I think it's very likely better deals will come along.


Saints Row The Third The Full Package + $5 Saints Row 4 Pre-order Credit [Steam] ($12.50) | Amazon

Defiance ($8) | Gamefly | Use code GFDJUL20

Deus Ex: Human Revolution [Steam] ($3) | Gamestop

Metro 2033 [Steam] ($3.75) | Gamestop

Bulletstorm [GFWL] ($5) | GamersGate

Grand Theft Auto IV Complete + San Andreas + Vice City + III [Steam] ($10) | Gamefly | Use code GFDJUL20

Max Payne 3 Complete + 2 + 1 [Steam] ($16) | Gamefly | Use code GFDJUL20

L.A. Noire Complete [Steam] ($6) | Gamefly | Use code GFDJUL20

Bully: Scholarship Edition [Steam] ($3) | Gamefly | Use code GFDJUL20

• ....More Rockstar Deals


I believe most but not all of the above Rockstar stuff will also be unlocked for your Mac with the Steam keys.


Playstation 4 Launch Bundles are back in stock. These are only a $10 discount, but are guaranteed for release day. You will not be charged until the item ships.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale [Cross-buy] ($20) | Amazon | Matches lowest price, must choose Amazon as seller on right

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time [Cross-Buy] ($20) | Amazon

Defiance ($20) | Amazon

PlayStation Eye ($17) | Amazon | Lowest price ever


Arkham City GOTY ($15) | Amazon

Defiance ($20) | Amazon

1 year of Office 365 Premium and 1 year of LIVE ($80) | Newegg | The drawback here is that if you take this deal you'll have Office and LIVE. Shots fired.

Wii U

Wii Classic Controller Pro ($11) | Amazon via Daily Game Deals


• Pre-order The Walking Dead Vita Bundle ($249) | Amazon | This does in fact include 400 Days. | This is not less than the item's MSRP but still an excellent "deal," and it is a limited edition as well.

Rayman Origins ($16) | Amazon

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale [Cross-buy] ($20) | Amazon | Matches lowest price, must choose Amazon as seller on right

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time [Cross-Buy] ($20) | Amazon

Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation (PS Vita) ($19) | Amazon via Gamingaholic | Normally $40


The deals were inside you all along.




Fight Club 10th Anniversary [Blu-ray] ($10) | Amazon via Daily DVD Deals

RED Special Edition [Blu-ray] ($10) | Amazon via Daily DVD Deals

Angels and Demons [Blu-ray] ($8) | Amazon via Daily DVD Deals

Robot Chicken Seasons 1-5 [DVD] ($10) | Amazon via Daily DVD Deals

Dexter Season 7 [Blu-ray] ($30) | Amazon via Daily DVD Deals

Copper: Season One [Blu-ray] ($20) | Amazon | Lowest historical price


Want even more Tech deals? Check out Gizmodo's Dealzmodo, now written by yours truly.

8-Pack of AA Eneloop XX 2500mAh Batteries ($30) | Amazon via Deals Kinja | Lowest price ever

Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB Connector Dolby 7.1 Gaming Headset ($80) | Amazon | matches lowest price ever

10-Inch JBL 300-Watt Subwoofer ($160) | Amazon via Deals Kinja | Matches lowest price ever

Canon EOS 60D Body ($599) | Amazon via Deals Kinja | Matches lowest price ever



Braun 790cc ($174) | This is the best electric razor on the market, and the one I use. | via boogerbutt | Next best price is $200

Snap Circuits XP Microcomputer Set ($35) | Woot via Deals Kinja | $65 and up elsewhere

Armitron Bracelet Watch ($46) | Amazon via Deals Kinja | Lowest price ever

Coleman Table Top Grill and Cooler Value Bundle ($97) | WalMart | Grill alone sells for $110 and up elsewhere

Vornado 154 Whole Room Tower Fan ($60) | Amazon | Lowest price ever

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