80s Gaming Nightmare Returns To Haunt Us All

There were a lot of frustrations to be had in old Sierra adventure games, but one of the worst was the way the games always made you traverse treacherous stairs, with one wrong keypress killing you instantly. So, yeah, here’s a game just about that.


It’s called Stair Quest, and it’s a painstaking recreation of the look, feel and sound of old Sierra adventures, only it’s almost entirely about walking around and inching your way across treacherous staircases (though yes, there is also text entry in the game).

Stair Quest was originally made for Adventure Jam 2016, but this version has been cleaned up a little and had some extra stages added.

If you want to try it out (or at least listen to the very faithful soundtrack) you can play it for free here.



I know I’m the only person who likely thinks this, but those old text entry Sierra games sucked. I remember playing I think it was kings quest 2 in about 1989 and even 8 year old me knew it was crap. They just weren’t fun and really the design of those games was garbage even beyond that. Hell even KQ5 which had point and click was stupid. Oh so I’m standing outside the castle gates and need a crystal shard to cut out the eye of a statue that nothing clued me in about whatsoever? Oh well guess I’ll load an old save. Having to make multiple saves is not good game design. There are so many better adventure games from that era I’ll never get people live for KQ and space quest: hell Sierra could make good games if they tried. Quest For Glory was amazing.