80 Days is a cool game and you should play it. Here’s Cool Ghosts hosts (and friends of Kotaku) Matt Lees and Quintin Smith with an enjoyable video that captures what makes the game special.

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The devs are kinda dicks. First they release their game on steam for double the price it is on iOS, and when asked about it they said they should have made it 5 times the price since the iOS version was built using tech from 4 previous games. Then when someone made a suggestion to change the unskippable intro into a skippable one, they said it was done on purpose to prevent people from restarting games instead of finishing them, ignoring the obvious fact that maybe people who finish games want to start new ones as well. Or that, you know, maybe they should just let people restart the game as many times as they want to without going out of the way to annoy them about it.