'75,937,500 Possible Dog Combinations'

"Take control of robot dogs, aliens dogs, huskies, hover dogs, VR dogs and more." Domestic Dog is, um, not like other dog games.


Domestic Dog, to put it politely, strikes me as completely nuts. Barking mad, if you want the obligatory dog pun. But in a good way? I think?

So it's a game where you play as one of 75,937,500 possible dog combinations, but I would say your actions are only very loosely based on the true story of dogs existing on planet earth for 30,000 some-odd years. Case in point:


- Virtually unlimited combinations of dogs and houses

- Get enough food, water, fun, exercise and sleep to stay healthy and alive

- Enjoy the effects of special powerups like iced coffee or roller skates

- Pee on stuff!

- Minimalistic interface, no clunky menus or clutter

- Ground-breaking 180p resolution (scalable to 1080p)

- Tons of toys to play with

- Day/night cycle


- Take control of labs, robot dogs, aliens dogs, huskies, hover dogs, VR dogs and more!

- Embrace yourself and level up or delete yourself and start a fresh life as a new dog in a new home


- Rob a dogfood warehouse and never go hungry again

- Go for a walk, but watch out for cars

- Play frisbee and herd sheep

- Dig for bones and money

- Visit the arcade to play Bone♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and other retro classics

- Explore the cemetery and try to uncover secrets, beware of ghost dogs

It's like, "OK, yeah, this sounds pretty typical and I— wait, what." I enjoy "dig for bones and money" best. I mean, you know, like you do. Nbd.

You can buy Domestic Dog for $2.99 on the Humble Store. And now I will once again allow the game to speak for itself in its surreal bastardization of dog-ese. If your brain begins to melt, please note that Kotaku cannot be held liable (probably; I'm not sure if we actually have a policy on brain melting).



This is just reminding me that its gonna be ages before we get Mewwwwwww-genics.

No cat and no cat game make me unspeakably sad.