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7 Ways To Initiate Sex In Saints Row IV

If you didn't already assume, there's definitely some NSFW language. Saint's Row IV has 7 different voice actors, and 7 romance options, so I decided to give everyone their due and make 7 different characters and try them all out.

Up top is Female 1 - Laura Bailey

The other voice actors feature the same dialogue, but I thought it'd be fun for you guys to see the differences in what they sound like. Check out all the options, in seven different advances, down below. And don't forget to read our review, which has even more ridiculous video clips from the game.


Male 1 - Troy Baker:

Female 2 - Diane Michelle:

Male 2 - Kenn Michael:

Female 3 - Sumalee Montano:

Male 3 - Robin Atkin Downes:

And finally, no game would be complete without...

Nolan North - played by Nolan North:

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No! Bad kotaku! Bad! *rolls up sticky porn ma..... errr newspaper* We're just one week away from the game's release don't spoil it all before it comes out!