Next April's Prototype 2 will refine the violence of the original 2009 Prototype. That was expected. Prototype is a game about being ultra-powerful and letting nothing: not the military, not monsters, not anyone or anything stand in your way.

In the new game we can cause even more chaos, ripping the weapons off military vehicles to use them against our enemies. The game was playable at New York Comic-Con 2011, where I tried it and then asked the people who made it take the controls and explain what's new and cool about the game. You'll see two demo areas in the video I shot: a time-based destruction trial and then a chunk of a single player mission in which we must stop a church from being destroyed.


Enjoy, unless you hate video game violence. If you do hate it, go to another Kotaku story. All I've got for you here is mayhem.

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