64 Players Tear Up Shanghai In This Epic Battlefield 4 Gameplay Video

At their E3 press briefing today, EA showed off some of the rather hectic and explosive multi-player action we'll see in the newest incarnation of EA DICE's shooter series, Battlefield 4.

The trailer takes place in the massive Siege of Shanghai map, where 64 players wage war on land, sea and air. In addition to the fighting, the trailer also shows Battlefield 4's Commander Mode in action, which allows players to send out commands or order artillery strikes via Battlelog.

More about the Commander Mode can be seen in its own trailer, below.

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I am no longer on this site. Am on twitter as @PixelSnader

The big question is:

how scripted is a building collapse?

Also some other interesting points: Will it affect score/gameplay much (if you're defending your country you kinda wanna avoid tearing down entire cities). Can you survive if you, say, run to a window and then jump out (as it collapses, not beforehand). Do the buildings affect eachother (dominoes).