64 Percent of Those Polled Gave Up Wii Fit

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Wii Fit has done big business in Japan - and pretty much everywhere, for that matter. The peripheral and game went on sale late last year in The Land of the Rising Sun, and Japanese website IT Media poses the question: Do Wii Fit owners actually still play Wii Fit everyday? Short answer: Nope. According to the thousand IT Media readers polled (for whatever that's worth), the majority of them do not play their copies of Wii Fit (ditto). Here's the breakdown:

Do you use Wii Fit faithfully everyday?

• 22 percent - I record my progress faithfully everyday

• 6 percent - Maybe once every two or three days

• 6 percent - Once a week

• 64 percent - Stopped using after purchase


Like any exercise program, most people quit early on. Guess it's good that even 22 percent are sticking with it, but still. Any Wii Fit owners out there? Do you use Wii Fit faithfully everyday?

装着率に見る「Wii Fit」 [IT Media Thanks, cpt!] [Pic]

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WTF? 22 percent still doing it is fantastic! Did anyone actually expect it to be something more than that? I'd be willing to bet the percentage of people who use their treadmill regularly or their bowflex or whatever is WAY less than 22 percent. Even weekly, we're looking at 34% are EXERCISING because of a video game. Amazing. Imagine what that stats will look like when games like Skate it come out with trick control on the balance board.