6,000 Video Game Deaths, Visualized as a Christmas Tree

'Tis the season to die horribly in the snow while not wearing any pants.

The developer of The Legend of Equip Pants, a quirky retro-styled episodic adventure game, just released their latest holiday-themed episode, titled Panta Claus. Mind you, this is the first episode to ever feature player death in the game.


The map itself was designed in the shape of a Christmas tree, which, after the developer gathered some player data for an animation, resulted in the creation of perhaps one of the most morbid Christmas trees ever. Observe:

The green lines you see are the paths players took across the level during 2,000 individual playthroughs, while the flashing red orbs represent player deaths—a total of 6,000, an average of 3 per playthrough. The vibraphone rendition of "O Christmas Tree" in the background gives this one a delightfully creepy... vibe.

2000 plays. 6000 deaths. 40 seconds. [ModDB]

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just curious, do the blue orbs represent anything?