Apparently spotted at a Sam's Club supermarket in Beijing, these pears have been shaped so that they resemble babies. Because that's so not creepy.

The image of the pears first popped up on a Chinese social networking site. According to MIC, a journalist followed up, but couldn't find the pears. The supermarket staff supposedly said they were sold out and didn't know when they'd be getting more.

But there's a context for all this: Experts say the pears look like mythical ginseng fruits of Chinese folklore. In the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, the fruit is shaped like a young human head, and it takes ten thousand years to ripen. The individual who takes a bite can then live for another 47,000 years.


These, however, are pears that have been placed in molds to make them look like babies. A marketing ploy! So if you buy some, don't wait ten thousand years to eat them. They'll totally go bad.

hexiaotao [Weibo via Beijing Morning News via MIC]

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