One of the new phrases this year in China is that property is hard to protect. Well, it seems that goes for virtual property, too. Last week, a gamer in China posted on the World of Warcraft forums about how he almost lost all of his hard-earned WoW gold in the blink of an eye.

The father, whose in-game name is "1004" (odd name, no?) posted that he had a six year-old son who he plays WoW with at home. 1004 said his son enjoys the monster hunting aspects of the game, and particularly likes pets.

Last week, when he logged onto the game, 1004 noticed that all of his gold was gone! During his eight years of playing WoW, 1004 says he accumulated about 4,706,000 gold. Confused and scared, he questioned his son, asking whether or not the boy had touched his account and bought anything such as weapons or mounts. Unfortunately for him, his son said he had no clue.

Upset, 1004 decided to check everything before calling customer service. Lo and behold, his son had purchased loads of in-game level 25 pets. Unable to get too angry with his son, and now broke, 1004 says he'll probably give up WoW for a while.

Feeling sympathy for 1004, another gamer on the message board shared another sob story. This gamer claimed that she left her iPad unlocked and her 6 year-old started playing with it. Unbeknownst to her, her child had ended up spending $1,200 (yes, US dollars). Unfortunately this gamer didn't go into details, but I guess the moral of the story(-ies) is that parents should be more careful when it comes to children and in-game property.


[6龄童迷WOW宠物 偷上爸爸账号花光八年"积蓄] [Tencent Games]

(Top photo: Wowhead )

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