So Nintendo is bringing Flipnote Studio to the 3DS. This latest iteration will allow users to create 3D flipnotes and is called, wait for it, Flipnote Studio 3D. But what does this mean for users of the plain old Flipnote Studio? From the sound of it, they're screwed.

In Japan, Nintendo offered two interesting services for DSi users: Flipnote Theater and Flipnote Hatena. With Flipnote Theater, you can upload your own Flipnote creations and check out other people's. Flipnote Hatena allowed DSi owners to download and share Flipnote creations via computers. The site also had English language support.

Today, after announcing Flipnote Studio 3DS, Nintendo also stated that the service for both Flipnote Theater and Flipnote Hatena would be ceasing on May 31.

Since there is a DSi Flipnote community, some were obviously upset by Nintendo's decision to pull the plug—especially on the Hatena staff blog.


"I got excited for Flipnote on the 3DS, but now that I hear you are terminating it for the DSi, that makes me feel sad," wrote a user named Chaceaaron. "Many people can only use it on the DSi, and although I am not one of those people because I have a 3DS, I am sorry for those people. Please keep the older service around."

"Please take into consideration that not everyone can attain a 3DS and some users still prefer to use Hatena services on DSi," added another user, named Ryrabbit. "I am sure that there is a considerable amount of users who will not benefit from Hatena DSi's cancellation, as users such as myself do not even own a 3DS. Please listen to the many users who protest this act."

The comments section is overflowing with people unhappy with Nintendo's decision. Some of the Japanese commenters are leaving Nintendo's customer service page for DSi owners to complain. Many feel that this is sudden, unfair, and doesn't take this community into consideration. Not everyone owns a 3DS, and more importantly, not everyone is done using these DSi services.


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