Forget people acting like morons on Twitter. That's not scary. It's stupid. What's scary is just how pervasive—meta, even—Twitter has become.

Case in point: The above photo was snapped and posted onto Twitter. Some hardcore figure collectors like to take photos of their plastic friends outside. This is not mainstream at all in Japan. It's not really scary, either. Let's not judge! Well, let's not judge too much.

Regardless, we have a Twitter user posting a photo of his Hatsune Miku figure at the train station. Got it. But that's not the freaky part!


Then, we have another person who sees this, and tweets out, "At Shibuya Station during rush hour, there was this idiot putting out a doll."

And, there was another person who tweeted out a photo of the same individual with the Hatsune Miku figure. The difference is that the tweet was a photo of a photo on his digital camera. Oh, and that this Twitter user hoped that the figure photographer would die. That's... not nice.

(While writing this post, I kind of hoped that someone on Twitter would take a photo of me writing it, and then tweet it out. But, alas, that did not happen. Sadly.)


These days, seemingly everyone is using Twitter. Everyone. They're watching you! Like Big Brother, but with only 140 characters. So, that's right, you cannot take photos of plastic figures in the privacy of Shibuya Station anymore. What is the world coming to?

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