Nintendo is releasing two new colors in Japan. One is "Mint x White", while the other color is... white plus light mint blue speech bubbles with a yellow thought bubble?

The Mint x White 3DS XL goes on sale April 18 and is priced like other 3DS XL units in Japan (¥18,900, $196).


The other 3DS XL uses the Mint x White color scheme in a different way and is part of a Tomodachi Collection New Life bundle that comes with a download collection of the new Tomodachi Collection life simulator game. It's priced at ¥22,800 ($237) and goes on sale also on April 18.

To see the upcoming Tomodachi Collection in action, check out this video.

ニンテンドー3DS LLに新色「ミント×ホワイト」を追加 [任天堂]

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