Want to know what it's like to be unfamous Kotaku mobile editor Michael Fahey for a week? Play around 30 gaming apps across three platforms while attempting to connect to SimCity in order to write a review of a game that you assure everyone will think is pretty good once they can connect to it. Also write some tips, and cry a lot. Oh, and the PC you're reviewing SimCity on has one of these attached to it.

Did I mention I am moving next weekend, and have added more things to my current residence this week than I've actually packed? It's been one of those weeks that make me respond to "Oh you write about video games for a living? That must be so much fun!" with cutlery.


Honestly it's not so bad. I get to play some amazing games (see below), and I get to do it while I'm close to my children, but not close enough to strangle them. It's a good life. You should try it. Let me know where to mail the kids.


Chip Chain — Free [also on iOS]

A challenging combination of match game and strategy game. Match numbered poker chips and they merge into one of the next highest number. It's combo-riffic.

Marbelous! — $.99

(Not to be confused with Marbelous without the exclamation point) This is a pretty little puzzle platform adventure, featuring a ball with more character than many human characters.

Rivals at War — Free [also on iOS]

Belie3ve it or not, this is a collectible card game. Players purchase boosters and build a deck that represents a military squad, and then battles play out real-time in 3D. I can see in-app purchases becoming an issue here, but the concept is very cool.

God of Blades — $.99 [also on iOS for $2.99]

The ridiculously good sword-combat running game is now on Android, and it's only $.99 — $2.00 less than iOS. Go, Android!


Dojo Danger — $.99

Now here's a unique game. It's zombies vs. ninja using marbles on a tabletop laced with traps. A truly unique turn-based strategy game.

Melodive — $.99

An incredibly trippy diving/flying game that you need to keep in your pocket for the next time you make bad decisions at a party.

Meltdown — $1.99

This one's incredibly cool. You're a Russian scientist with the power of teleportation, tasked with trapping roaming monsters in special warp gate dealios. Very tricky puzzles in this one, and a really groovy style.

Journey to Hell — $3.99

Whoa, where'd this one come from? A gorgeous 3rd person shooter with a real Painkiller vibe to it. You can expect more on it next week.

Color Heroes — Free

A delightful little platformer starring a painting monkey. The controls are really odd — tap a side to move in the direction and the opposite to jump, switch when changing directions — but it's cute enough to power on through.

Outland Games — $.99

It's an endless runner set in the Monday Night Combat universe, complete with annoying=as=hell announcer! Fun runner, the announcer can die in a fire.

The Ories — Free

It took me awhile to figure out the name of this cute and shiny physics puzzler. Read it again. Get it? Lovely game.

Liberation Maiden — $4.99

SUDA51's awesome downloadable 3DS shooter comes to iOS, and it's so good. Touch screen controls are a little tricky, but I dare you to find a better sci-fi game starring the female president of New Japan anywhere.

App Reviews for the Week of March 2 - March 8, 2012

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