Instead of just complaining about how ridiculous the digital breasts are in Vita hit game Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, Japanese site Rocket News decided to compare them to real breasts. Eh...

This post contains content some readers might find inappropriate.

That's 21 year-old pin-up model Erina Kamiya, who appears in the video in various states of bouncing around. And, shocker of all shockers, Senran Kagura definitely has silly video game breasts. (The whole thing is rather silly and somewhat creepy, but so is Senran Kagura.)

But! Besides being a bikini model, Kamiya is a member of a "cyber gothic" idol group called Steam Girls, which is kind of interesting if you are into people wearing pastels, donning gas masks and carrying fake steam punk pistols. Who isn't?

ゲームのおっぱいが「本物のおっぱい」と同じ動きをするのか検証 [ロケットニュース]

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