In May 2012, a Japanese illustrator named Mao Sugiyama oversaw an event during which his post-op genitals were served up for dinner. Five people paid money to eat them! And that they did.

The event gained international attention. Japanese police began investigating the event, hoping to pin Sugiyama and the event's organizers for breaking food hygiene laws—that, or obscenity laws. Cannibalism, it seems, is not illegal in Japan.

This week, News24 reports that the case against the four individuals accused of wrongdoing was not strong enough, and it was subsequently dropped.


Ryou Tanaka, the politician overseeing the area in Tokyo were the event was held, was obviously not pleased and said that Japan needs to change the laws so nothing this bizarre ever happens again.

By bizarre, I'm assuming he means people eating penis for dinner.

性器食べるイベント主催、男性ら4人不起訴 [News 24 via Sankaku Complex NSFW]

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