Wednesday's PlayStation 4 event showed us what next-gen graphics are capable of, so if you had any doubts that game environments could grow even better looking and more detailed, they're probably now gone.

Cities and city skylines in general were always a perfect way to show how beautiful a game is, so we collected some huge and gorgeous cities from upcoming titles—and a few from recent memory as well.

SimCity (SimCity 2013)

source: EA

Hengsha (Deus Ex: Human Revolution)

source: Deus Ex Wiki

Panau City (Just Cause 2)

source: Just Cause Wiki

Vekta City (Killzone: Shadow Fall)


Chicago (Watch_Dogs)

source: Ubisoft

Los Angeles (LA Noire)

source: Rockstar

Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

source: GTAGaming

Liberty City (Grand Theft Auto IV)

source: Rockstar

Liberty Dome NYC (Crysis 3)


And this is how it looked back then. The neon lights of Moonside in Earthbound are still pretty charming.


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