Later tonight, Sony is slated to unveil its successor to the PlayStation 3. Right now, the hashtag #PlayStationMemories is trending on Twitter. What a kwinky dink!

A large number of the memories center around PlayStation 2 and original PlayStation games like Grand Theft Auto 3 and Crash Bandicoot. These are distant memories!


Others are writing about the PlayStation 2's 8MB Memory Card, making me wonder if these folks are just sharing or taking things a little too literally.

Spotted by game site MCV UK, the hashtag has been going strong for most of this morning—no word yet who started it—and charting at numero one or two. If you want to join in, fire up Twitter, and clack out #PlayStationMemory. Don't forget to press "Tweet" when you finish. Very important!

Update: Look like the trend was apparently started by Bear Parker, who works at Sony Computer Entertainment's UK branch.


#PlayStationMemory claims top global trending spot on Twitter ahead of PS4 reveal [MCV UK]