During this most romantic/depressing week of the year, let us not forget the gaming apps, whose portability and charm keep us playing whether we be curled up on the corner sobbing or curled up naked on a bed of roses, waiting for your significant other to get home.

Now that I have children in the mix, Valentine's Day has been moved to the weekend, a place where babysitters flow like things you shouldn't imagine flowing at all. I curbed my anticipation for this weekend's festivities (new tattoo, how romantic!) by playing through a bevy of the finest games iOS and Android had to offer.


Mainly iOS, mind you. I've been having trouble finding new games in Google Play for the past couple of months. Something about it being impossible. Hey Android developers, drop me a line when your games go live. Together we can spread the Droid gaming love.

Let's see what we played this week!


Fruit Pop! — Free (also on iOS)

This one's been around for a while, but you can never have too many line-based match games. The Android version has some really obnoxious ads, but once those are done, yay.

Vector — Free (also on iOS)

I mentioned this one earlier in the week, but only because it's so good. A stylish level-based parkour action movie. Can't get enough.


Burt Destruction — $.99 (also on Android)

A 3D platforming game with okay gameplay and spectacular animated cutscenes. Seriously, I'd buy it for the animation over the gameplay.

Early Bird and Friends — Free

The popular physics puzzle game expands into Angry Birds territory, now with a collection of feathered friends, each with a different type of power. An impressive effort with a lot of character.

Fionna Fights: Adventure Time — $.99

The female version of Adventure Time's Finn takes to the skies in this... well, I guess it's an endless stabbing game. Addictive as all get out.

Redneck Revenge: A Zombie Roadtrip — $.99

I've only played a little bit of this strange little shooter, and already I have a beer keg laser. You cannot go wrong if your game has a beer keg laser.

Epic Mech Wars — Free

Build your mech, fight your mech, buy new parts to fight tougher mechs. Not really an action game, more a tap-adventure with a strong graphical element. Interesting.

Rotolla — $1.99

People love hexagons. They think they are super. People also love drop puzzles. What if we combined the two?

Sela the Space Pirate — $1.99 (also on Android)

I love this game. It's a level-based shooter starring a manic space pirate and her embarrassed robot first mate. They start an interstellar war. Then the space bunny police show up. So much love.

Word of the Rings Free — Free, duh

A fresh spin on the word game? A word game with a twist? I could go on, but I'll spare you. Special note: the app icon looks vaguely familiar.

App Reviews for the Week of February 9 - 15

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