This Pokémon trainer art does resemble the male trainer in very real Pokémon X/Y screens. But it is not a real Japanese magazine scan. It looks like one, but it's so fake. Here's why.

For example, here it gives "atarashishii" as the reading for the Japanese word for "new", which is "atarashii" (新しい). This mistake would be like seeing "newew" for "new" in English. Another big red flag is that the Japanese word for boy, "otoko no ko" (男の子), is written as "okoto no ko". This would be like seeing "liltte boy" written in English. It also says, 5.8 "metaru" (メタル) instead of 5.8 "meetoru" (メートル). "Metaru" is the Japanese word for "metal". "Meetoru" means "meter" in Japan, which would be correct here.


Fake Japanese magazine scans are getting better and better. And, over time, there are bound to be fewer linguistic snafus—like the ones that revealed this phony. Be careful.


ポケットモンスターXYの新主人公、男の子の画像がネットに出回る [はちま起稿]

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