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Garrus really does love his calibrations, doesn't he. Yosh9's creation just makes it all the cuter. Thanks to Blue Dog's Eyes for the find.

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Hundreds of Confused Anti-Gun People Think I'm a Gun Nut—And That This Is My Gun

Stephen Totilo shares a hilarious story about anti-gun people making much ado about nothing. More »

Nintendo Fan Is Unhappy With Nintendo's $200 Answer to His $400 Wii U Problem

Jon bought $400 worth of downloadable games from Nintendo. He lost all of them when his Wii U bricked. Nintendo gave him $200 in credit, but it doesn't come close to solving the problem. More »

Tips for Playing Fire Emblem: Awakening

Stephen has some tips for you before you start playing the great Fire Emblem: Awakening. More »

Skulls of the Shogun: The Kotaku Review

Patricia Hernandez enjoys this turn-based strategy game, even if it does have a few technical issues. More »

The Last Of Us' Infected Enemies Are Fast, Fungal and Damn Frightening to Look at

Matt Cabral gets his hands on The Last of Us. More »

Let's Rank The Elder Scrolls Games, Best To Worst

Kirk Hamilton ranks his favorite Elder Scrolls games. More »

The Next Skylanders Can Be Broken In Half—On Purpose

Stephen tells us about the new Skylanders and how you can mix and match their top and bottom halves. More »

Dead Space 3: The Kotaku Review

Tina Amini (that's me) is (mostly) let down by the third installment in one of her favorite franchises. More »

Real-Life Parasites That Behave Remarkably Like Halo's Most Disgusting Enemy

Andrew Voak tells us all about the real-life parasites that behave remarkably like Halo's Flood enemies. More »

Shooters Need To Get Better At Depicting Arabs

Hussein M. Ibrahim expresses his feelings towards the inaccurate depictions of Arabs in first-person shooters. More »

What People Used To Say About The Original PlayStation

András Neltz reminds us what people used to say about the original PlayStation back during its prime. More »

In Fire Emblem, Marriage Can Be A Fate Worse Than Death

Kirk, uh, Kirk accidentally marries a teenager in Fire Emblem: Awakening. More »

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: The Kotaku Review

Stephen enjoys how pretty Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time looks and even finds it a little Assassins Creedy. More »

Sony's Potential Indie Game Movie, A Marvel-Themed Puzzle Quest, And Other Gaming Secrets

Superannuation spills a few secrets. More »

They're Attractive, They're Women, And They Play Games Live On The Internet. But They're Not 'Camwhores.'

Patricia interviews some women game streamers about their experiences. More »

I Wish I Were Good At Video Games So I Could Be Cool Like People In 90s Movies

Leigh Alexander reminisces about 90s movies and the games she's amazing at. More »

Demons, High Schools, And Sex: Just Another Day At Atlus Games

Jason Schreier writes an in-depth profile on Atlus. More »

If We're Lucky, Crysis 3 Will Have The Heart of Halo 4 And The Innards Of Far Cry 3

Tina talks to Kirk about the potential in Crysis 3. More »

What People Used To Say About The Sega Dreamcast

András takes us back in time. More »