Controlling a cockroach or an entire ant colony is pretty unusual, even for a video game. So we can say games featuring these ideas resulted in rather unique and underrated titles—and that's absolutely not a problem.

We collected some of the most interesting ones below.

SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony

source: Killerratte's LP

Battle Of Giants: Mutant Insects

source: Ubisoft

The Zerg In StarCraft I and II

source: Blizzard

Bad Mojo

source: HardcoreGaming101

Mister Mosquito

source: Vysethedetermined2's LP

Bee 52

source: KakeyoSilverton's LP

Battle Bugs

source: KawaKasper's LP

A Bug's Life

source: OzcrashSoNiC's LP

You should submit your picks of other games that feature insects with visual support below.