We know, for the most part, what's inside the PlayStation 4. We even know what the controller is going to be like. But until February 20 rolls around, we're probably not going to see what Sony's latest console looks like.

To fill in the gaps, then, comes designer Gavin Ringquist, who has mocked up just about everything you need to know about the PS4's exterior, from the console to the controller to an ad campaign right down to logos, a website redesign and box art.


Will it be better than Sony's own efforts? The weird thing is it could go either way. The Vita is gorgeous. The new slimline PS3? Hideous. The original PS3 logo? Commandeered from a movie. The redesign? A welcome return to tradition. So, yeah. Toss a coin!

PlayStation 4 [Gavin Ringquist, thanks James!]