The PlayStation 4 is coming. There's an event later this month which will apparently unveil the new game machine. Last month, Kotaku published loads of details about the PlayStation 4, including its controller.

Members of game forum NeoGAF (Noisepurge, Kairu, Mista Koo, and Sickboy007) churned out digital mock-ups of what the PlayStation 4 controller could look like. Ah, the power of Photoshop.

As Kotaku previously posted, it's highly likely that the PS4 will use a controller that is similar to past controller designs. This notion is strengthened by the fact that the PS4 development kit supports both the Sixaxis and the DualShock 3 (both PS3 controllers). What makes the PS4 controller new and different is that it's outfitted with a capacitive touchpad that can support multi-touch and even be "clicked". The PS4 controller also has a "Share" button.


Hit up the comments with your Photoshops of what you think the next PlayStation controller will look like.

Update: Added another Mista Koo concept controller

PS4 controller: touchpad + share button + dualshock [NeoGAF]