Today, an argument broke out on Twitter between Anthony Burch, lead writer on Borderlands 2, and a few players who think that Tiny Tina is a racist character.

The issue, as some folks saw it, was that Tiny Tina appropriated African American lingo. See above video, which showcases Tiny Tina dialogue, if you want reference.


The argument on Twitter, which ends with Burch saying he'll consider changing her, is as follows—note that this is a mix of developers, game journalists, and random fans:

Matt Charles is a producer on Borderlands 2.

Whether or not a change in Tina's character will actually occur is not clear, though I suspect many fans would be upset if she was altered: she is frequently cited as a favorite character.


UPDATE: Some are even defending Tina, as not all players believe she is racist (including Gearbox president, Randy Pitchford):

Though this is but a small sampling of the response Burch is getting, which you can view here.

I reached out to Burch and have yet to hear back.

UPDATE 2: Burch responds and clarifies: