Back in the day Japanese developers didn't have the budget or the control to make perfect Japanese-to-English translations... although probably no one really cared. They had to translate and export their games to the West as fast as possible.

So they can't be blamed for this really—but the results are too hilarious. We collected some of them below.

Bubble Bobble

source: Bubble Bobble intro

Metal Gear

source: The first few minutes of the game on the NES

Zero Wing

source: Zero Wing intro

Ninja Gaiden

source: Ninja Gaiden act 6 on the NES

Ikari Warriors

source: Ikari Warriors ending on the NES

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

source: TMNT (Arcade) ending

Crime City

source: Crime City (Arcade) ending

Fatal Fury Special

source: Terry Bogard in Fatal Fury Special on the NeoGeo

Aero Fighters 3

source: Aero Fighters 3 (Arcade) endings

Super Chase

source: Super Chase (Arcade) stage endings


source: X-Men Arcade

No text on the last one, but it's probably known by everyone. If not, check the source for some laughter. And of course, your submit picks are welcome with support that is visual.