Back in 2011, Keisuke Yamada became an internet sensation. His art was spectacular. It was also bananas.

See, Yamada sculpts using bananas—a material which is very tricky to work with because the color and the texture rapidly changes. Yamada must sculpt quickly.


This month, Yamada appeared on Japan's biggest morning program, showing off some of his amazing creations. The electrician by trade is becoming increasingly well known in Japan for his banana art.

Japanese site IT Media captured Yamada's process, showing how he sculpts and eats his delicious sculpture shavings.

This work took Yamada 15 minutes to make—and much less to eat! Below are some more of his banana art.

Here's a round-up of Yamada's yummy sculptures.

バナナ彫刻で「人生変わった」 バナナから次々と名作生み出す「バナナ彫刻職人」の超絶技巧 [IT Media]

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