In fan art, there is a long, proud history of turning video game consoles into female anime characters. This is not fan art.

Sega is releasing a set of downloadable content for its free-to-play PS Vita game Samurai & Dragons. The set of 13 character cards are personifications of Sega's game consoles. They're dubbed "Segakko" (セガっ子) or "Sega Girls". According to SGCafe, there's also a set of characters based on Sega's arcade boards.


In Japan, personifications of consoles are given a "-tan" honorific. "Tan" is a cute way to say the affectionate honorific "chan."

The art is by Kei, who did the designs for virtual idol Hatsune Miku. Since Sega is releasing this set of DLC, I'd assume that these designs are, by default, the official "tan" versions of consoles like the Dreamcast, the Master System, and the SG-1000.


All of Sega's 13 consoles, 12 arcade boards personified in Samurai & Dragons collaboration card pack [SGCafe via Japanator]

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