On Google Maps, there are locations of several North Korean prison camps: Gulag 16, Gulag 22, and Chongjin Gulag.

Very serious reviews are appearing on Google Plus, and many of them are hardly flattering. This must be worrying as North Korea is apparently opening new interment resorts. No doubt these reviews will hamper expansion plans.


Here are the opinions of those who have spent time in the North Korean gulags, like Chongjin (above).

And this...


...and this...

Continue to Hwasong Gulag? Ouch!


I've heard good things about the local food.

Phew. Such brutal honesty.

As you plan your prison camp resort trip, keep in mind that not all the reviews are negative; there are some who had positive interment camp experiences.


Some of these camps, however, might want to take this criticism to heart. There's always room for improvement, North Korean gulags!

Chongjin Gulag, Gulag 22, Gulag 16 [Google Map via Buzz Feed]

(Top photo: NPR)

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