Guns are a rarity in China. The only places you'd find guns are in military bases, State-run buildings with People's Liberation Army guards, the military police, or the occasional "country club" with a shooting range. The gun situation in China is almost exactly like it was explained in last year's Sleeping Dogs; hard to come by. So it's no wonder that a fake gun at an internet cafe became big news last Friday.

Ms. Ma, an attendant at an internet cafe in Changzhou, was making the rounds last Friday when she came across a litterbug, reported Tencent News. Ma asked the litterbug to stop littering, then she continued to work. When the woman didn't stop littering, she returned to her and asked her to throw her trash away properly, this time in a more heavy handed manner.

The litterbug didn't take too kindly to Ma telling her what to do. She unzipped her jacket and pulled out a big black object, and proceeded to slam it down on the table. Ma, horrified, saw that the item was, in fact, a gun.

Freaked out and scared for her life, Ma immediately called the police. When the police arrived they questioned the litterbug and searched her person. Not only did the police find out that the gun the litterbug was carrying was a high quality replica, she was also carrying a box cutter.

The litterbug confessed to the police that the items they found did indeed belong to her.She is now in custody and awaiting charges by the administrative level authorities.


China takes gun control really seriously. Gun laws in China are so strict that prop guns originating from outside of the mainland can't even be bought into the country.

So if you're going to play cops and robbers in China, please make sure you use an obviously fake gun, or risk getting caught by law enforcement.

女子携仿真手枪网吧上网 管理员被吓报警 [Tencent]

(Top photo: Jayfish | Shutterstock)

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