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So, Dante really loves pizza. Who can blame him? Certainly not Let's go gamers, where the gif above was found. (If you know an original sourcing, let us know!)

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Weapons of Mass Disruption #3: How and Why Consoles Will Die

Ben Cousins explains how home consoles are on their way out, and how dedicated gamers can expect to cope with that future. More »

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is Kotaku's 2012 Game of the Year

Kotaku boss Stephen Totilo announces our Game of the Year. More »

Game Changer or Needless Gadget? An In-Depth Analysis of Project Shield.

Mike Fahey takes everything we know about Nvidia's newly revealed handheld console and explains what that means for us as gamers, and what the pros and cons of the device (as are currently known) are. More »

My Wargaming Wish List for 2013

Michael Peck tells us what he wants to see in wargames in 2013. More »

When It Comes To The Wii U's Online Store, Nintendo Is Dropping The Ball

Jason Schreier finds out that Nintendo plans to bring the Virtual Console to the Wii U eventually, but how long do we have to wait for the eShop to fill up? More »

Let's Marvel at How Pretty Pokémon X/Pokémon Y Looks

Brian Ashcraft shows us the new Pokémon. More »

It's Time We Put The Bald Space Marine Away. It's Time To Make Games For More People.

Patricia Hernandez tells us about two game developers who are making games with diverse protagonists. More »

Razer Prepares to Unleash the World's First PC Gaming Tablet

Fahey tells us all about Razer's PC gaming tablet. More »

Xbox Support Staff Say They Were Fired After Posting About Their Jobs On Kotaku

Jason tells us about two Xbox support staff who got fired for posting certain comments right here on Kotaku. More »

Sony And Microsoft Should Be Worried About The Steam Box. Very Worried.

Luke Plunkett explains what news of an official Steam PC could mean for home consoles. More »

The Fate of the Breakaway Metroid Prime Studio, A Mysterious Square-Enix Adventure and More Gaming Secrets.

Superannuation uncovers more insider secrets, including potential projects and what game companies might be up to. More »

How To Launch Your Game Development Career In 2013

Leigh Alexander jokes about the path of a games developer in 2013. More »

These Were My 8 Favorite PS2 Games...

Tim Rogers reminisces about his favorite PlayStation 2 games. More »

Man, Final Fantasy Tactics Sure Had A Steep Learning Curve

Kirk Hamilton gets some advice on tackling FFT. More »

Six Things More Online Shooters Should Do

Patricia has some suggestions for online shooters. Like hats. And more hats. And, ok, some other things, too. More »

The Actor Who Voices Lee in The Walking Dead Is Answering Your Questions Live

Dave Fennoy, through some technical difficulties, answered (some) of your questions live, and then answered some more in a video. More »

I Want To Move Like They Do In Video Games

Patricia marvels at all the ways you can move around in video games. More »

Cosplayers Are Passionate, Talented Folks. But There's A Darker Side To This Community, Too.

Patricia talks to two cosplayers about what it's like to create their costumes and be a part of the community. More »

JRPG Combat Is The Best Kind Of Combat

Jason looks at several styles of combat through the lens of a few games, and explains their respective strengths and weaknesses. More »