There are new Pokémon games! And if this batch of screens is anything to go by, the games are going to be pixelated purdy.

"We brought Pokémon into an entirely new dimension and we're incredibly excited to bring Pokémon X and Pokémon Y to fans," said game designer Junichi Masuda, in an official release. "The stunning visuals, a completely redesigned environment, game scenario, music, and communication features will bring smiles to the faces of video game players around the world."


Here are brand spanking new images of the game's male and female Pocket Monster trainers. I love the pixelated look—something that's easier to see in these screenshots. There's also a new launch trailer! You can watch it below.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be out this October on the 3DS.

Here's the Newest Pokémon. It's Out Worldwide This October.

Tonight, Nintendo unveiled the newest Pokémon games, Pokémon X/Pokémon Y. They're completely new titles for the 3DS.
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