But, who doesn't want long legs? In the past few years, especially after leggy Korean popstars like Girls' Generation (above) hit it big in Japan, long limbs have definitely been in. For those who want added proportions, there's an easy answer: Head on over to your local Japanese video game arcade.

Twitter user Tanichan101 uploaded this image below, which has since been retweeted over 40,000 times. The text written on the image points out how recent sticker pictures are "deceptively" giving girls thinner legs.

"Here!" the text continues. "Look at this." As proof, the arrows point out to the elongated face of https://twitter.com/tanichan101Tanichan101's friend, showing how the software powering the sticker picture booth can makes one's body longer and slimmer.


For years now, sticker picture booths have been employing all sorts of camera and software tricks, whether that's fancy lighting and a high res digital camera or software to make one's eyes bigger (or even one's irises bigger) or even add hair extensions and digital make up.


今、あなたに伝えたい [Togetter]

(Top photo: Yuri Arcurs | Shutterstock)

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