Soine-ya is a "snoozing with women" establishment that first opened in Tokyo's gaming and geek district, Akihabara. Since then, Soine-ya has become popular enough to open another branch in Tokyo's Shinjuku.

Soine-ya is just sleeping with women, not sleeping with women. But for a price, you can rest your head on some woman's tush. A very steep price. There's a new service being offered called "Butt Pillow". The rate is ¥1,000 (US$11) per minute.

Recently, Japanese late night variety program News Flash! B-Grade News Show introduced the service. This reaction sums up the butt pillow pretty well.

■ソイネ屋新サービス「お尻枕」一分1000円の超ぼったくりww [やみなべにゅーす]

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