When not promoting Patapon 3 or helping people, Japanese comedian Egashira 2:50 has another hobby: whipping out his dick.

Now you can bring Egashira's antics to your desktop or bookshelf with this upcoming posable figure. Part of the Figma line, this Egashira 2:50 action figure is slated for next June and priced at ¥3,800. (Amazon Japan has it for ¥3,489).


Egashira is a famous comedian in Japan, but he's not exactly one of Japan's most popular. He is one of Japan's most loathed, as his schtick is sometimes a bit much.

If you aren't familiar with Egashira's work, watch this video of some of his highlights, set to a reworked Ponyo theme. (Heads up, he's got his pants down in one bit and seems to be doing something.)

figma 江頭2:50 (ノンスケール ABS&PVC製塗装済み可動フィギュア)

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