Don't get too excited just yet! It's only one Versus character (Noctis). And it's only one drawing. What's more, it looks vaguely like character art we saw earlier this year. But, it is apparently new, and it does feature other FF characters. Keep the dream alive!

This art comes via a Kotaku reader, who says he ordered the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box. That's right, the 11-pound box of Final Fantasy that costs a whopping ¥35,000 ($417) and the delivery man a hernia.

Besides games, the box set comes with a Crystal ArtWorks art book. "On the last page is a brand new piece by Tetsuya Nomura that includes Versus XIII's Noctis, along with characters from XIII, XIII-2, and Type-0," the reader writes. "Kind of interesting subject matter since these were all at least at one point or another meant to be part of the XIII universe."


Versus was first announced way back in 2006. This past October, Nomura told Famitsu, "We're continuing work on Versus."

"Because all staff is hard at work on the game," he added, "please wait a little longer for a follow up report."

Until then, have a look at the full image in the above gallery.

Update: According to Kotaku readers, this was a special Dengeki PlayStation cover from about two years ago. Still, keep your Versus dreams alive!

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