The folks behind Westeroscraft are hard at work on their ridiculous project to re-create the whole world of Game of Thrones in Minecraft.

Their latest work: a total overhaul of King's Landing, the capital city that you can see in the shots above. (Wondering how they got the pictures to look so good? Check out moderator Chris Henry's explanation to Kotaku.)

"[The new King's Landing] is over five times the size of the original and includes more than 2,000 unique buildings, fully furnished, awesome ships, even houses outside the walls," project leader Jacob Granberry told me in an e-mail. "It's without a doubt the best thing we've done on the server, and I'm not exaggerating one of the biggest and most impressive builds done in Minecraft to date. And it just so coincides with our server's first birthday."


To celebrate, they're running a charity drive. You can donate to their Child's Play fund on the official Westeroscraft website. Or just marvel at all of the pretty, pretty pictures.