Japan is holding a national election on December 16. No, wait! Don't stop reading, because one politician just did something so very cool. It's more a like manga-inspired art project than your typical politics.

Before the election, boring posters of politicians go up across Japan. The posters feature headshots, and like I said, they are so boring. The photos, the design, and the poses all look the same.


Not this series of posters from Toru Watanabe, who is running as a member of the Japan Restoration Party for the Tokyo fifth district.

Starting on December 4, a Watanabe poster appeared on a local pharmacy. The tagline refers to "running through" the Japan Restoration Party's path. And each day, a new poster with a new photo appeared and seemed to take that tagline literally.

The stop motion photos and manga style speed effects work brilliantly. Who said Japanese politics was dull?

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