A young boy in Wuhan, Hubei province, was left heartbroken over the weekend when he learned that his feelings for a girl in his class were unrequited. After learning the object of his affections didn't feel the same, he decided to ask her directly only to be told "xxx bought me an iPhone 4".

After hearing that sentence, 8 year-old Xiao Xiao (pseudonym) went home crying to his father. His father said to Chinese reporters the following golden sentence, "The boy is young, too young, what do children know of love anyway?"

Well it seems like a whole lot. Xiao Xiao had written a love letter to a girl in his class that he fancied. After giving it to her, he didn't hear back. All he heard for a few days was rumors from other classmates that she didn't like him.

As any man would, Xiao Xiao wanted a real answer. Turns out the little girl's affections were already "bought". She told him another boy also said he liked her, and instead of giving her a letter, he bought her an iPhone 4. An iPhone... 4. An 8 year-old buying an iPhone 4 for another 8 year-old just because he thought she was pretty... Let me quote Xiao Xiao's father again, "What do children know of love anyway?"

Now I don't know the moral of this story, but it seems to me that children in Wuhan are growing up way too fast. I remember when I was 8, I was confused as to why the pretty latina girl kissed me and then ran away giggling. I also don't remember having to buy an iPhone to woo a girl. I guess times-are-a-changing and I'm getting old. My heart goes out to young Xiao Xiao. I hope the romantic in him doesn't go away.


情书不敌iPhone4 八岁小学生被"富二代"夺爱 [Tencent]

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