Ack! With this new horrifying glitch, Phantasy Star Online 2 has discovered a new level of hell. Character skins can accidentally change... for the worse. The much, much worse. *shudder*

Players discovered this bug (and others) after a recent update, and it causes the skin of non-playable characters to, under certain conditions, turn a truly odd, Technicolor hue. Non-playable characters, however, can also turn a reddish color.


Sega is currently working on a fix and apologized for any troubles or nightmares this has caused. Okay, I made up the part about nightmares.

In the above gallery, there are various examples of this skin color bug, as collected on 2ch. Have a look, IF YOU DARE.

特定の条件でNPCの肌が異常な色で表示されてしまう場合がある [Sega via 2ch]